About Camerata

    Camerata is the first full symphonic ensemble and consists of strings, winds, brass, and percussion. This full orchestra introduces aspects of performing larger-scale repertoire consisting of both educational works and also arrangements of larger standard classical works. For most students, this will be their first experience playing in a full symphony. During the first half of rehearsal, the ensemble rehearses strings ands winds separately to focus on instrument-specific music making, and during the second half all instruments join together. Students will be exposed to the different instrument families first hand and will be able to experience the excitement as well as be able to acclimate to the differences of playing in a full orchestra.

    Camerata strings are generally playing 2 or 3 octave scales (up to 5th position), solos from Suzuki books 3 and 4, and are starting to establish vibrato. Camerata winds are generally comfortable in keys from 4 flats to 2 sharps, know the difference between concert and written pitch, and can play a two-octave chromatic scale. Camerata brass are also generally comfortable in keys from 4 flats to 2 sharps, know the difference between concert and written pitch, and are developing their two-octave chromatic scale.

    • Camerata performs 3-4 concerts per season.


    Bill Scruggs is currently in his fifth year of teaching at Peachtree Ridge High School. Prior to teaching at PRHS, Mr. Scruggs taught at Northbrook Middle School for three years and taught at two high schools in Henry County for four years. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Music Education.

    Mr. Scruggs is a cellist who plays regularly in small ensembles, pit orchestras, and symphonies throughout the state. He has played numerous opera and musical productions at both the youth and professional levels. Mr. Scruggs is the primary cellist for Piedmont Strings and plays approximately 50 weddings a year. In addition, he has been the principal cellist for the Georgia Southern Symphony, Southern Crescent Symphony, and Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra. He has served as a sectional coach for schools all over metro Atlanta, the Kendall Honor Orchestra, Gwinnett County Youth Symphony, Metropolitan Youth Symphony, Southern Crescent Youth Symphony, Fayette County Youth Symphony, and the Spivey Hall Workshop. As a conductor, Mr. Scruggs has worked with numerous schools, the Gwinnett County Youth Symphony, Southern Crescent Youth Symphony, Spivey Hall Workshop Orchestra, Gwinnett County 6th Grade Honor Orchestra, and the District V Honor Orchestra.

    Mr. Scruggs is a member of both GMEA and ASTA. He has been a volunteer for every GMEA Conference since 2010 and is the former District 13 Orchestra Chair. Mr. Scruggs was also a member of the GMEA Orchestra Standing Committee for four years.   He and his wife, Ashley, their two children, Edith and Finnegan, and their two dogs live in Duluth.